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IP Phone system for your Business

Telephone System & IP PBX DUBAI
Telephone System

We help you choose the best telephone pbx for your business.Our solutions and products give you maximum productivity.

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VOIP Gateway products includes Analog FXO/ FXS & ISDN/BRI/PRI.

Gateway brands include Neogate,Dinstar, Grandstream & Digium.

Our IP Phone product range includes Sip phones,Conference Phones ,Proprietary IP Phones from major brands.

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IP Door Phones

SIP Video Door Phone from ALPHATEK. It seamlessly integrate with IP Pbx telephone systems from Asterisk,Avaya,Nec & Panasonic .

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Dect Phones

Wireless dect Phones from RTX & Yealink. Expandable wireless phone solution for Schools,Factories ,Warehouse’s & Offices.

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Conference Phones from Polycom. Sip based phones that suits with open source solutions and Proprietary conference phone  for Avaya, Panasonic ,Cisco & Nec.

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IP Pbx Dubai offers Communications Solutions for up-and-coming small to mid-size businesses.We work together with customer perspective and our solutions are made to make TELEPHONE SYSTEM / IP PBX  deployments easy and provide you with features which help your company grow..We offer IP PBX and IP communications platforms  in different brands and our sales engineers ensure it is targeted at your requirements.Ensuring your success is our main priority. Whether you’re only a small company or large enterprise, our company offers a complete slate of support services to assist make sure that our telephony  solution exceed your expectations.We do understand there's nothing small regarding your business. We provides you with the posh of preference in telephone products.[ AVAYA, PANASONIC, NEC, DLINK, CISCO, YEASTAR, POLYCOM, RTX, SAMSUNG,SIEMENS, PLANTRONICS, GRANDSTREAM]  We are partnered with  Top telephony product manufactures  to provide you with complete Telephone system / IP PBX  ,  for your business and call centre. we are able to advice , provide and install the perfect setup to your business telephony needs in Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Ajman , Sharjah , Fujairah , Umm Al Quwain & Ras Al Kaimah.

Support Services

Our technical support is backed by t expertise in providing commercial, enterprise-grade telephony support and Installation. Available support services include:

What We Offer?



IP PBX System Dubai provides you cutting edge communications systems for your business.  Also to providing you the best products, we also customize them according to your needs. Dealing in Private Branch Exchange, we are well aware of the problems associated with buying one. Therefore, to help you avoid them we are providing you with the following guidelines, make sure you check with them!

Introduction to IP PBX DUBAI

The PBX System Dubai or Private Branch Exchange, this term is used to refer to a telephonic system that is widely used in enterprises to switch calls. Switch calls between the business users on local links to users all sharing one number but on different phone lines.

Such systems are own and used by the enterprise instead of a telephone company. The telephone can only be the supplier or service provider of these products. The PBX traditionally uses analog technology, but modern systems now use Digital technology that incorporates digital signal that are converted into analogs when they are outside of the local loop of telephone service.

 A Typical PBX System Dubai includes the following parts:

 Telephone Trunk (Several Phone lines), these terminate at the Private Branch Exchange system

 Computer with enough memory to manage the switch calls in and out of a PBX system

 Network lines

 The Console switchboard for user

The Private phone network is utilized in a company as the users can share some outside lines and make external phone calls. The PBX connects to internal Telephones in a business and connects them to public switched telephone network such as the VoIP provider and SIP Trunks. The latest tendencies in PBX phone development has taken the shape of VoIP PBX. This system is also called the IP PBX. This new system uses Internet protocol for the transition of appeals.

Advantages of IP PBX \System Dubai

The PBX system is one of the best business phone systems in the market today. These systems act as the power hub for an internal telephone system of a company as it automatically provides the ideal switch connections. These systems can run on their own without an operator.  If you can’t make your mind about this system, then let the following kick in!

Benefits for your Staff

 Private Branch Exchange systems are expandable according to the growth of your business

 The PBX system doesn’t need a lot of space; these systems can keep a low profile

 There is a broad range of standard and advanced features you can choose from

 The PBX systems are easy to program while they support complex installation and integrate your requirements

Overall benefits

 PBX system lets you access all the employees and departments of a company. This streamline operation adds potential in your business. Now you don’t have to remember any numbers, just refer to the advertisement or yellow pages.

 Put you callers on hold in a convenient way. The problem is, most guests are lost just because of a busy signal and they are somewhat impatient to wait.  To make sure you don’t lose your guest, you can put some music or some relay messages to keep your caller interested. Sometimes, a simple message can save you. The best part is, you can customize your message as you want, you can make it a relay greeting or according to the time such as a religious holiday or a national day.

 The PBX System Dubai provides you a menu with options such as directing callers. Now you can connect the caller to a particular extension without going back to the switchboard.  Save you time by creating some familiarity in your company.

 These Systems give you detailed records of call in real time. With a PBX system, you can keep tabs on your business to assure everything is working fine. The best thing is, these systems are adaptable and grows along with the needs of your company.

 The PBX helps to allocate your employee phone extension in the enterprise so that calls are transferred to them. This feature allows you to avoid the lengthy transfers back to switchboard so save your time. If you want, you can also leave voice messages on them.

 PBX systems allow conference calls. This call feature is a significant advantage for business of all sizes; now you can enjoy multiple incoming calls on only a single extension. Now you can have your international meetings right at the comfort of your office. Save your money and time and speak directly to people involved with a personal approach.

How to buy a IP PBX System Dubai System?

To help you obtain a PBX system, following are a few tips to get you started with:


We all know that PBX is a network of telephones which can call on employees, clients and everyone inside the business.  People within this network can reach each other on behalf of short series of extensions which acts as numbers to identify a phone line within this network. The outside caller contacts on the company phone number, so the user directs them to the third party extension. This feature is important as the advanced models are coming with a bit diverse function. So before you buy, you need to compare these features and price.

Different Types

There are different types of PBX system available in the market; all of these types have their perk but choosing the one that meets the needs of your business matters the most. There are three main categories, and these use the Traditional PBX, VoIP, and Hybrid PBX system technologies.

Panasonic has been a market leader in the business telephone industry for over 25 years. The latest product line-up offers high quality phone communications,Pabx solutions for a broad range of business applications, from simple analogue systems, and smaller digital systems suitable for small or new businesses, through to advanced IP based Network Communications Platforms. [IP PBX]

Panasonic IP PBX/ Phone  System

Dlink  offers all of the essential telephony features required for medium to enterprise businesses.Pabx Features such as call forwarding, call hold, follow me, and voice mail. Incoming calls are directed by the integrated auto-attendant and hunt groups to assist callers to their destinations. It can utilize standard phone lines via an external phone line gateway or cost effective Internet telephony services.

Dlink IP PBX

Cisco SPA500 Series SIP IP Phones are affordably priced, reliable, and stylish, Intuitive and easy-to-use, and offer excellent user experience, with wideband audio. Simplify and improve communications with Cisco Small Business SPA500 Series SIP  IP Phones. These phones offer features to serve every employees.

Cisco SIP IP Phones

Plantronics headsets deliver superior sound, style and comfort. Choose from a wide variety of hands-free solutions.The all-new generation of headsets for customer service centers and offices, designed for the future, and built on experience.

Plantronics Head Set

If you're after a great solution then Avaya IP Office v2 IP PBX  simply has to be on your short list.Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Pabx model is  aggressively priced delivering eliability and cost saving features whether you're a small business or a large multinational.Take your business communications to the ultimate level with the award winning PABX AVAYA - IP 500 Office PBX for Medium Business

Avaya IP PBX & Telephone System

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Yeastar provides the cost- efficient solutions for ITSP to develop the enterprises market. Yeastar designs products to worldwide applications and maintains the long-term stability of products to greatly benefit users.MyPBX is a standalone embedded hybrid PBX for businesses and remote branch offices of larger organizations (2-500 users per site)

Yeastar Mypbx Telephone System

morbi morbi

Yealink is a global sip phone provider with unmatched quality & features.By maximizing the value of communication, Yealink helps clients to unlock their full business potential while strengthen core competencies.

Yealink SIP IP Phones

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Cisco® Unified Communications IP PBX is a comprehensive IP communications system of voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications. It enables more effective, more secure, more personal communications that directly affect both sales and profitability.It brings people together by enabling a new way of communicating-where your business moves with you.

Cisco IP Pbx Telephone System


NEC Unified Communications with Rich Presence, Mobility, Contact Centre and More.Amplify your team’s productivity with a solution that makes adding functionality to core Unified Communications and Collaborations solutions both simple and cost-effective. Transform how your business communicates by integrating collaboration into the way you operate.

Nec Pabx System


ZYCOO  IP PBX comes in number of models that are aimed at different sized industries from SOHO's to enterprise. The ZYCOO IP PBX range provide a variety of PBX features including voicemail , IVR and music on hold.

Zycoo Telephone System


Polycom enterprise-grade telephones are easy to use, work with your existing communication environment, and are so high-fidelity it sounds like you are in the same room. From the boardroom, to the desktop, or anywhere in-between, Polycom voice solutions keep you connected and productive.

Polycom IP Phones & Conference

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Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. and Fanvil UK Limited is a professional developer and manufacturer of VoIP products. Fanvil designs VoIP communication devices solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.

Fanvil SIP IP Phones


Grandstream VoIP phones are best for great sound quality and great  features. VoIP phones that are ideal for small to medium sized businesses  their advanced features and functionality. Grandstream IP PBX systems are built on open source, SIP-based system. Features like auto attendant, video conferencing capabilities and IP camera compatibility complete your UC or VoIP network.

Grandstream  IP PBX System

ALPHATECH IPDP Slim devices completes its range by developing a new generation of door phone based on SIP protocol. Video & RFID support make it a perfect solution for sip based ip pbx system as well as proprietary system like Avaya,Panasonic & Nec. The IP Door Phone IPDP SLIM naturally connects to your IP network.

Alpha Tech SIP Door Phone

complete turnkey solution offering scalability.The system to grow from 1 to 40 bases and up to 200 users. RTX also provides two different high quality color screen CAT-iq handsets supporting the wideband audio functionality in the base station. Seamless handover and repeater support are two major advantages besides the superior scalability and audio quality.

RTX Wireless  Phones

Samsung’s next generation enterprise IP solution, OfficeServ proviedes a secure IP convergence Key System for the 21st century business. OfficeServ supports traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication and wireless solutions through Wi-Fi and CDMA.

Samsung PBX System

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